Integrity guides our conduct

We act according to high principles.


Responsibility toward our business partners, colleagues, shareholders and the general public. This basic statement of our Corporate Principles constitutes the foundation of the Business Conduct Guidelines. Both our strategic considerations and our day-to-day business must always be based on high ethical and legal standards. To a substantial degree, our Company's public image is determined by our actions and by the way each and every one of us presents and conducts himself or herself. We all share the responsibility for having our company meet its corporate social responsibility worldwide.

The Business Conduct Guidelines are globally binding rules applicable to every employee. They shall help us meet ethical and legal challenges in our day-to-day work. The 10 principles are:

Principle 1:
The support and respect of the protection of international human rights

Principle 2:
The refusal to participate or condone human rights abuses

Principle 3:
The support of freedom of association and the recognition of the right to collective bargaining

Principle 4:
The abolition of compulsory labour

Principle 5:
The abolition of child labour

Principle 6:
The elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.

Principle 7:
The implementation of a precautionary and effective program to environmental issues

Principle 8:
Initiatives that demonstrate environmental responsibility

Principle 9:
The promotion of the diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

Principle 10:
The promotion and adoption of initiatives to counter all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

"The day has passed when business was a private matter — if it ever really was… Every time business hires, builds, sells or buys it is acting for the people as well as for itself, and must be prepared to accept full responsibility for its acts..."
Robert Wood Johnson, American entrepreneur (Johnson & Johnson)
The success of globalisation in many growing economies is creating additional demand from new patient groups at all income levels who have the right and desire to gain access to the most modern medical diagnosis and therapy methods. GEISTER is promoting this development through innovations jointly with medical doctors in these regions and an initiative that aims at facilitating equal access to medical progress by all people. It is an eminent goal of GEISTER to cooperate with medical doctors in creating an ever wider userplatform for less invasive surgical techniques, and to make such techniques also available for doctors in the emerging markets. "The better way to operate" leads in this case also over biomedical solutions. In order to meet the resulting additional demand and to develop the desired medical quality improvements in new therapies at affordable costs and with utmost transparency for the patients, GEISTER is concentrating on its core innovation competences, and is gradually also taking on a more comprehensive technical process responsibility in the field of therapy support for doctors and patients.

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