Keep your instruments in best condition.

We offer complete repair and preventative maintenance service on our surgical instruments.

      All maintenance should be accompanied by paperwork referencing an RMA # (to be obtained from Customer Service Department.) and indicating the work that needs to be done. All returns should be shipped to us freight prepaid. Please enclose a return shipping address and contact name and number. A cost estimate will be provided on request. You can use our repairslip form which can be downloaded below for your convenience.
      Resharpen your scissors frequently! With repeated use, the sharp cutting edges become rounded and pits or gaps can appear, making the scissors blunt. These pits will be visible as changes in the reflection when you examine the cutting surfaces in bright light. The sharper the cutting edge, the quicker the scissors will become blunt. You should never use scissors to cut material that the scissors are not suitable for, or they will become blunt very quickly. Very thin and steep razor edges are intended for soft tissues only. If blunt scissors are used, the tissue will be clutched instead of cut, resulting in bruise of the tissue and ineffectual wound healing. For scissor sharpness testing we recommend to use a piece of red (large scissors) and yellow (fine scissors) Theraband (body shaping band).
      GEISTER as manufacturer and seller cannot accept any liability for immediate or consequential damages caused by inappropriate application and use or by inappropriate sterilisation and maintenance of the instruments. If instruments are repaired by any companies or persons not authorized by Geister Medizintechnik GmbH to do so, all warranties are becoming null and void. Maintenance of surgical instruments also means lubrication with physiologically inert instrument oil (acc. to DAB 8 or Ph.Eur. or Usp) particularly of the joints. Make it a basic rule to thoroughly lubricate surgical instruments prior to checking for function. All movable parts (joints) and cutting blades of scissors have to be lubricated. This avoids metal abrasion when checking for function. Lubricants used must guarantee, that even after frequently repeated use a "sticking” of joints through a multiplying effect is avoided.

      If you have any questions or would like more information about these services, please contact our Customer Service Department at +49-7461-966240 or email us at

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